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Muttanna NK

Head - Technology

As the Head of Technology, Muttanna NK brings over 17 years of extensive experience to Seloriz. Throughout his dynamic career, Muttanna has held pivotal leadership roles, successfully launching numerous large and complex products across various industries.

Muttanna's expertise spans automotive, railways, semiconductor, avionics, and the broader electrical and electronics domains. His proficiency shines in the realms of connected products, computer hardware and storage solutions, medical devices, consumer products, and industrial solutions. Muttanna possesses a profound understanding of digital, and mixed-signal high-speed electronic circuit design.

Hands-on experience is Muttanna's forte, particularly in embedded products and hardware development. His skill set extends to hardware troubleshooting, debugging, and testing embedded systems. Muttanna excels in documentation, managing crucial aspects such as BOM, Design Documents, and Test procedures.

A standout in FPGA-based mixed-signal board design, Muttanna NK's contributions are instrumental in Seloriz's journey towards excellence in electronics and hardware engineering. His vast knowledge and leadership guide the team in delivering innovative, high-quality solutions to meet the diverse demands of the industry.


Muttanna NK
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