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Seloriz Team Approach

Why Choose Seloriz 

Choosing Seloriz is not just a decision; it's an investment in a systematic, end-to-end approach that transforms your ideas into successful, market-ready products. From IDEA to PRODUCT, we follow a meticulously crafted process that combines talent, lean processes, cutting-edge tools, and strategic thinking.


At the heart of our process is your idea. You bring the vision, and we provide the essential elements to bring it to life. Our team comprises highly talented individuals equipped with Lean Process methodologies in R&D, Product Design, and Engineering. With state-of-the-art tools for analysis and communication, we turn your concept into a tangible, successful new product.


Our New Product Development Process is a proven method refined over numerous projects. It mitigates risks and delivers tangible business results. Based on rapid iterations, this process generates concrete ideas and prototypes that undergo thorough assessment, testing, and refinement. It's a dynamic approach that ensures the evolution of your idea into a viable and market-ready product.


Our Business Strategy and Product Development Research commence with the end result in mind. Early planning and requirement-setting streamline the development process, enhancing predictability, and reducing overall costs. We strategically align our efforts to achieve outcomes that match your business goals.


Collaborating with our Product Design team, we bring your vision to life. Our designers work alongside product engineers to create beautiful and manufacturable concepts. Using the latest creativity tools and virtual collaboration techniques, we explore various concepts, ensuring your product aligns with your vision and business requirements.


Our Design Engineering team excels in finding creative solutions to technical challenges. Balancing marketing, regulatory, and user requirements with manufacturing considerations, we ensure your product meets quality expectations at a reasonable cost. Our engineering solutions are the backbone of successful product development.


Our experienced Electronics Design Engineers work seamlessly with product designers and mechanical engineers, forming a comprehensive in-house design and problem-solving team. This integrated approach ensures that every aspect of your product is carefully considered and optimized.


Prototyping is a critical phase in our product development journey. We create different types of prototypes at each stage, quantifying and eliminating risks while accelerating the path to volume production. Our use of various prototyping techniques and materials, sourced from trusted global specialists, ensures a thorough understanding of your product/market fit.


Our IP Strategy is designed to give you a competitive advantage. We discover unique IP during the development process and work closely with your patent attorneys to provide comprehensive patent applications. This strategic approach saves both time and money, securing broad coverage for our clients.


The journey doesn't end with design; we provide comprehensive Manufacturing set-up and support from project onset to volume production. Our team travels domestically and internationally, finalizing designs and facilitating a seamless transition to manufacturing. Seloriz ensures that your product is not only well-designed but also smoothly brought to market. Choosing Seloriz means choosing excellence at every step of the product development journey.

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