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Total Manufacturing Solutions


Experience a seamless transition from project inception to full-scale production with our Total Manufacturing Solutions. Seloriz offers comprehensive support throughout the manufacturing lifecycle, ensuring your product journey is not only efficient but also optimized for success. As your strategic partner, we go beyond conventional manufacturing assistance, offering a holistic approach that adds value at every stage.


Manufacturing Support:

From the initial stages of your project, we provide manufacturing support to guarantee a smooth transition to volume production. Our dedicated team travels to manufacturing partners, assisting clients in finalizing designs and kickstarting the manufacturing process.


Pre-Production Support:

In the pre-production phase, we offer support in various prototype categories, catering to different levels of the new product design and development process. This includes:

Rapid Prototypes: Swiftly test and visualize design concepts.

Interactive MVP Prototypes: Build Minimum-Viable-Product prototypes for comprehensive testing.

Electronics Prototypes: Craft prototypes for electronic components.


Production Support:


After hypothesis testing and evaluating product-market fit with prototypes, we provide extensive support during the production phase. This involves:

Early-Stage Production Planning: Strategizing for efficient production processes.

Component Selection: Choosing custom and off-the-shelf components early in the process.

Mechanical and Electronic Sourcing: Streamlining the sourcing of critical components.

Cost Estimates: Providing high-level key item cost estimates for budget planning.

Supplier, Production, and Quality Assurance: Ensuring standards are met throughout the production journey.

Factory Selection and Logistics Planning: Identifying suitable manufacturing partners and planning logistics.


Seloriz's Total Manufacturing Solutions are not just about production; they are a collaborative partnership aimed at ensuring your manufacturing journey is efficient, cost-effective, and aligned with the highest quality standards. We ensure that every stage of your manufacturing process is meticulously managed, setting the foundation for a successful product launch and sustained market presence. From prototype to logistics, we stand with you every step of the way.

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