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New Technology Introduction


In an era where the digital imperative is reshaping industries, New Technology Introduction (NTI) is no longer a luxury but a necessity. Companies, regardless of size, face the imperative to embrace new technologies in their products or risk succumbing to competitive obsolescence. At Seloriz, we specialize in guiding companies through the NTI process, ensuring a seamless integration of innovative technologies into existing or new products.

We follow the below phases to help our customers in the NTI process


  • Thorough exploration of existing or new products.

  • Identification of challenges, addressing issues, and proposing potential solutions.

  • Stakeholder interviews and collaborative sessions.

  • Actively engaging with your team to unearth innovative technology solutions.

  • Discussions with your team to seamlessly incorporate the best ideas seamlessly into the technical framework.


  • Collaboration with your team to ensure comprehensive understanding.

  • Unanimous acceptance of proposed details.

  • Emphasis on minimizing disruption.

  • Crafting a detailed roadmap aligning with your business goals.

  • Strategic planning for successful technology integration.


  • Precision in navigating the implementation phase.

  • The litmus test for new technology success through a carefully designed pilot program.

  • Navigation through and addressing intricacies, working out potential kinks.

  • Gaining essential buy-in from stakeholders.

  • Ensuring a smooth transition to set the stage for broader adoption across your organization.


  • Meticulous evaluation of introduced technology's performance.

  • Comprehensive assessment and fine-tuning for optimal functionality.

  • Preparing for seamless production rollout.

  • Crucial feedback loop for continuous improvement.

  • Refining the technology based on real-world performance.

  • Evolution to meet evolving needs.

Seloriz's New Technology Introduction services are more than a process; they are a strategic partnership guiding companies through the dynamic landscape of NTI, where each phase is meticulously crafted for success. From investigation to implementation and continuous evaluation, our approach is collaborative, ensuring that new technologies become a catalyst for innovation and sustainable growth. Embrace the future confidently with Seloriz's NTI expertise.

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