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Electronics & Hardware Design

Embark on a seamless journey from concept to manufacturing with our integrated design and engineering team, transforming your hardware ideas into reality. At Seloriz, we specialize in electronics and hardware design, offering comprehensive services in our new product design and development process. Our expertise caters to various industries, ensuring your hardware solutions align with the latest technological advancements.


Key Focus Areas:

Connected Hardware Development: Crafting innovative solutions that seamlessly connect devices, fostering a connected ecosystem.​

Power Design and Portability: Creating hardware with optimal power efficiency and focusing on portability for enhanced user experiences.​

Engaging User Interfaces: Designing intuitive and captivating user interfaces that elevate the overall product experience.

Sensors, Intelligent Data and Automation: Implementing intelligent systems with cutting-edge sensors and automation, enhancing product functionality.

Getting your Electronics Market-Ready: Guiding your electronics through the entire development cycle, ensuring they are market-ready and compliant.

PCB Board Design Expertise:


Analog, Digital, Optical and RF Design: Expertise in diverse design domains, ensuring a comprehensive approach to PCB board design.

Wireless Systems: In-depth knowledge of wireless systems, including Wi-Fi/WLAN (802.11), Bluetooth®, GPS, Cellular, RFID, and ZigBee®.

Power Systems: Custom BUC/BOOST, battery management, and solar power management for robust power solutions.

Electronic Circuit Design: Skilful electronic circuit design and schematic capture for precision and efficiency.

AC/DC and DC/DC Design: Optimizing power systems for extended battery life.

Board Layout: Expertise in board layout, covering mixed signal, high speed, and high layer count designs for robust performance.

Design for Manufacturability/Testability (DFM/DFT): Ensuring that designs are optimized for efficient manufacturing and testing processes.

Design for Standards Compliance (Safety, EMC/EMI): Complying with safety, EMC/EMI standards for product reliability and market acceptance.


At Seloriz, our Electronics and Hardware Design services are not just about components but encompass a wide spectrum; ensuring your hardware ideas not only meet but exceed industry standards and they are about crafting holistic solutions that seamlessly integrate into the fabric of your innovative products. Partner with us to bring your hardware vision to life and set the stage for market success.

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